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Jak przyśpieszyć Acer Aspire One z dyskiem SSD?

Potężne przyśpieszenie Acer Aspire One z dyskiem SSD.

1. Wyłączenie przywracania systemu.
Panel sterowania -> System -> Przywracanie systemu – zdeaktywuj.

2. Wyłączenie pliku wymiany
Panel sterowania -> System -> Zaawansowane -> Wydajność -> Zaawansowana -> Pamięć wirtualna -> Zmień -> Wyłącz. Opcja ta jest zalecana dla konfiguracji powyżej 1GB pamięci RAM.

3. Disable any unused Services

The easiest way to do this is to read the guide here:
Its very comprehensive. Just make sure you don’t turn off services required for wireless networking.

4. Create a RAM drive and use it for your web browsing cache and the system temp files. I personally use Firefox for browsing. To do this follow these instructions…

First install the Ram disk driver. You can find it here:
or attached to this guide.
Then open Control Panel and then the System control panel. Go to Advanced and click Environment Variables.
Now edit the TEMP & TMP paths to point to your new RAM disk. Don’t forget to change both the User and System variables.

Firefox settings
Type „about:config” in the address bar, press enter.
Right click>new>string>”browser.cache.disk.parent_directory” and type „R:\cache” or „R:\TEMP” or wherever you want the files to be kept on your RAM drive.
set „browser.cache.disk.capacity” to 50000 =50mb
and set „browser.sessionhistory.max_total_viewers” to 0

5. Get yourself a copy of RegToy. This can be used to tweak lots of registry settings that can help. There are some reg settings for loading XP into RAM rather than into the pagefile which helps if you have more than 1GB of RAM. Find the download at the following link or attached to the article:

6. Install FlashFire SSD Accelerator (formally Flashpoint SSD) to speed up SSD writes. It uses your free RAM as a write cache and makes a huge difference. Download the latest version from these links or from the bottom of this page:


7. Install a1ctl for fan control and a few other tweaks. Available from here or at the bottom of this page:

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